Maintaining Compliance with DBA International Certification Program

DBA Image:



Headquartered in Lombard, Illinois, Asset Recovery Associates, Inc., assists in collecting consumer debt and managing accounts receivable for medium- to large-sized businesses clients, such as banks, credit card companies, and retailers. Asset Recovery Associates, Inc., maintains membership in nationally and internationally recognized debt collection organizations, including the Debt Buyers Association International (DBA International).

DBA International assists debt-collection agencies and other related financial services companies in gaining and staying abreast of industry knowledge, so that they may provide the greatest customer service possible and uphold high regulatory standards.

The organization offers a certification program to help ensure the requirements of operating within the receivables industry are known and followed. The certification provides companies with the base guidelines for maintaining compliance with state, federal, and municipal laws, as well as regulatory agency rules. The certification also educates companies on the abundance of audit information that must be collected and maintained. A certification to help with compliance best practices helps keep companies in good standing with the law and with their customers.


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